Airbrush makeup applied using a small spray gun and a compressor. The makeup is sprayed onto your face using a small flow of air to create an ultra-lightweight, smooth layer of makeup. When applied correctly, it is virtually weightless and can’t be felt on your skin. This results in a more natural appearance. Airbrush makeup is self-setting, super long-wearing and sweat and water-resistant, and doesn’t transfer, as traditional makeup can sometimes. Airbrush coverage can range from sheer to full. Airbrush makeup is not compatible with all skin types; it can cling to excess hair, peach fuzz, sunburned skin, and extra dry skin patches.

Traditional makeup has come a long way and can look just as beautiful as airbrush makeup in pictures. It is a thicker consistency and applied using a brush or sponge. Some clients mention that they feel like they are wearing makeup with traditional makeup vs airbrush. Traditional makeup can also be built up in coverage and can range from a sheer to full coverage application. When applied and set properly, traditional makeup can also be very long-wearing. Traditional makeup is compatible with all skin types.

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